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Notice of Administrative Judgement served against Health New Zealand

Libellant Janine of House of Arabella served on 5 March 2024 Commercial Lien by Force  over assets owned by Health New Zealand Corporation for amount that was due for payment of $182,481438.00 with 14 days by 20 March 2024 to pay in full or Libellant had lawful right to add further charges of eighty billion two hundred and seventy nine million dollars ($80,279,000,000.00NZ) for the evidence provided on harm done to other individuals in New Zealand from being co-erced to take the covid vaccine or have employment terminated due to government mandates enforced by officers within Health New Zealand who was previously known as the District Health Boards where this amount required to be paid by 18th April 2024 or provide a defence on High Court Admiralty Statement of Claim with Summary Judgement. The Libellant confirms that no payment or defence was made by 18 April 2024 and is now waiting the High Court to provide Summary Judgement where the High Court is currently in dishonour and have until 5th day of June 2024 to process this claim and have court date set by 20th of June or the Registrar and the High Court become liable for this debt. It is confirmed that Health New Zealand assets are below the value of the debt, therefore the Libellant has the lawful right to step in and take over the corporation in the role of Commander of the Ship/Corporation to be able to take actions of Restorative Justice for the sake of the good of the people of New Zealand on behalf of all New Zealanders who have been affected by the covid 19 vaccine roll out and mandates implemented by the Officers within the Health New Zealand Corporation.  

As no defence was made the Libellant and Claimant Janine already holds judgement in law from the evidence that was produced and unrebutted that the vaccine was not safe and was not effective and you can not force someone to take a vaccine where one of the risk factors is death, therefore every individual or officer or representative from any corporation is liable for his/her own actions for the role they played and the corporations are commercially liable for the actions of its officers towards loss of income and livelihood, loss of life plus severe adverse reactions caused by the vaccine or any other treatment protocol that has been enforced.

Libellees are Health New Zealand also known as  Te Whatu Ora, Margie Letaulau Apa CEO, Peter Chandler previous CEO, Donald Allan Sorrenson, Scott Hart liable in their private capacity Judgement Ref Lw124150400NZ delivered at 1.34pm on 6 March 2024 and LW124150815NZ delivered at 10.00am on 5th March 2024 plus all others served by email and in person.

Attached as proof are the following documents- click on links below:

HNZ commercial lien by force -42 pages 

invoice 1008

High Court Documents lodged 18 March on links below

Notice of Full Set of Servings and Notice of Summary Judgement to take effect from 19 April 2024High court serving docs A B and C

High court serving docs D part one pages 1-67

High court serving docs D part two pages 68-136

High court serving docs D part three pages 137-161

High court serving docs E

High court serving docs F

High court serving docs G

High court serving docs H


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