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Commercial Lien by Force over ASB Bank and its directors and Shareholders

Libellant Janine of House of Arabella served on 11 and 12th day of March 2024 Commercial Lien by Force  over assets owned by ASB Bank Corporation plus ASB Holdings Corporation plus Vittoria Shortt for amount due for payment of three billion and three million dollars ($3,003,000,000.00NZ) by 5pm on 25th day of March 2024 to pay in full or Libellant can step in as liquidator to liquidate all assets belonging to the Libellee Debtors until paid in full plus the ability to cancel all loans and mortgages with the ASB Bank. This debt is now lodged as a lien on the PPSR and UCC.

Libellees are ASB Bank Limited, ASB Holdings Limited, ASB Securities Limited, ASB Investments Limited, ASB Management Services Limited, ASB Independent Trustee Company Limited, ASB Nominees Limited, ASB Investments 1997 Limited, ASB Australia Limited, ASB Global Net Limited, ASB Brothers Limited, Construction PTY Limited, ASG Group Life Limited, ASB Investments  PTE limited, ASB Marketing PTY Limited, Lawford Family Trustee Limited, Common Wealth Bank of Australia, directors in full private and commercial capacity Vittoria Annabel June SHORTT, Carl Roy FERGUSON, Amie Mary SMITH, Ross James Patrick BUCKLEY, Roderick Marshall CARR, David Antony Keith COHEN, Victoria Helen CRONE, Colin Archibald MACDONALD and Therese Maria WALSH

Attached as proof are the following documents- click on links below:

Tracking NZ Post LW124150838NZ and LW124150824NZ

ASB Commercial Lien by Force 

High Court Documents Lodged on 22 March 2024 – see links below

ASB final demand invoice 1008

invoice 1009

Notice of Service on Debtors to the Registrar and Notice of Summary Judgement to take place 5pm 18 April 2024 ASB Bank and its Debtors

serving documents A ASB Bank and Debtors

Serving documents B on ASB Bank and Debtors

serving document C ASB Bank and Debtors

Serving documents D part 1a ASB bank and Debtors

Serving documents D part 1b ASB bank and Debtors

Serving documents D part 2a ASB bank and Debtors

Serving documents D part 2b ASB bank and Debtors

proof of filing lodged documents T218496

PDF ASB high court filing reference T212290

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