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Unrebutted Affidavit of Status and Truth Beverley Jane Minola presented Internationally

My name is Beverley Jane Minola of the House of Pohio and May and Marshall.

My Affidavit of Status and Truth was sent by signature required courier internationally to Rishi Sunak Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and First High Lord of His Majesty’s Treasury, Jeremy Hunt the Chancellor Exchequer of the United Kingdom and Michael Mainelli the Lord Mayor City of London Corporation. One was received on 2 January 2024 and one was received on 4 January 2024 and one was received 29 December 2023. They each had 40 days to challenge, allowing 10 days for close of office during the holiday period, and to rebut the Affidavit point by point. The 40 day reply period ended on 13 February 2024 for one, and 15 February 2024 and 7 February 2024 for one. I, Jane confirm that no replies were received; my 3 witnesses also confirm no rebuttals were received from any of the three individuals and the Affidavit remains unrebutted. An unrebutted Affidavit stands as truth in commerce and Judgement in Law according to the 10 maxims of Law in commerce.

Please see links below for Affidavit and letters with postal tracking numbers :

Affidavit Status and Truth

Letter and Post Michael Mainelli

Letter and Post Scan Rishi Sunak

Letter and Scan Jeremy Hunt

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