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David Russell’s Declaration and Claim over Lands of Substance.

On the 1st July  2023, the below Declaration and Claim over Lands of Substance now being held in allodium that I, Living man David Russell purchased and live upon was served upon
David Parker – Attorney-General of NZ and
on the 6th July was also served upon Cindy Kiro the Govenor-General of NZ.

Both David Parker and Cindy Kiro were given 21 days to respond and/or rebut the claims made in the declaration and then a further two opportunities to respond or rebut the claim over the next 30 days thereafter.

No rebuttal or response of any kind was received from either of the above mentioned people during the stipulated times, so as per the legislation of High Court rules 2016 section 5.64 and 5.64 and their Tacit acceptance by silent acquiescence , the attached Declaration and Claim over Lands of Substance as now being held in allodium by I, David Russell remains an unrebutted claim which stands as Truth in Law and Commerce.

As this land is now held in allodium, it is held and occupied without obligation of service or fee to any overlord or landlord or government or local government and any infringements on my inherent and unalienable rights to live peaceably and without obstruction, hindrance or charges upon these lands of substance will incur compensation charges for damages, injury or loss of any kind.

Allodial Land claim to David Parker.PDF

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