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William John’s Affidavit of Status / Standing

On the 19th April 2023, the below Affidavit of Living Status/Standing was served upon:
Kiri Allan –  Minister of Justice New Zealand
David Parker – Attorney-General of New Zealand
Caralee McLiesh – Secretary and Chief Executive of New Zealand Treasury

Each person was given twenty-one (21) days from receipt of the Affidavit, followed by a further ten (10) days then seven (7) days and finally three (3) days to rebut or respond in any way to the truths and claims made within it; and

I, William John confirm that no replies or rebuttals were received; my witness also confirms no replies or rebuttals were received from any of the three individuals named above and the Affidavit remains unrebutted. An unrebutted Affidavit stands as truth in commerce and Judgement in Law according to the 10 maxims of Law in commerce.

See link below for support documents:

William John – Supplementary documents

William John Affidavit of Status Standing.pdf

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