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David Russell’s Affidavit of Living Status

On the 24th April 2023, the below Affidavit of Living Status was served upon:
Kiri Allen –  Minsiter of Justice
David Parker – Attorney-General and
Caralee McLeish – Secretary and Chief Executive of NZ Treasury

Each person was given six opportunities over 60 days to rebut or respond in any way to the truths and claims made within it; and

No rebuttal of any kind was received from any of the above people, so as per the legislation of High Court rules 2016 section 5.64 and 5.64 and their Tacit acceptance by silent acquiescence , the attached affidavit remains an unrebutted affidavit which stands Truth in Law and Commerce;

Affidavit of Living Status April 19th 2023.pdf

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