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Unrebutted Affidavit of Status and Truth living woman known as Janine Barbara

My name is Janine Barbara of the house of Arabella and Walters. I have two unrebutted Affidavits presented to National and International heads of government where I have removed the jurisdiction of the Crown corporation over my life with the right to self govern and right to charge compensation fees to anyone who breaches my unalienable rights. God made men and women and men and women created corporations. A corporation can never control a living man or woman without their consent and I do not consent to any corporation having control over me. Inside this Affidavit you will find my copyright notice, and compensation fees for any agent acting on behalf of a corporation who tries to take control over me and breach my rights. I also have Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreements, Security Agreements and many other documents that can be produced as required.

This Affidavit plus accompanying letters were presented to the living men and woman known as “Nicholas Lyons” acting as “Lord Mayor of City of London Corporation, plus the first Lord of His Majesty’s Treasury Rishi Sunak and second Lord of His Majesty’s Treasury Jeremy Hunt; plus Louise Di Mambro, Registrar of the Privy Council and The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. The above four men and woman had thirty (30) calendar days to rebut this affidavit point by point with irrefutable proof from the time of receipted delivery notice from the mail company. The thirty days ended with no response. They were notified that no response was taken as tacit acceptance that they consent it stands as truth, and they have honoured the request and sent the letter and Affidavit to any and all relevant others who also had 30 days to challenge and rebut. An unrebutted Affidavit stands as truth in Law and Commerce.

Below is a scanned copy of the accompanying letters and proof of delivery plus Affidavit. Please click on the links:     accompanying 4 letters to affidavits with courier tracking numbers and proof of delivery dates

    unrebutted affidavit Janine Barbara presented to national and international heads of government corporates


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