Public Notices NZ

Posting Rules, Terms and Conditions


  • Content is written in such a way to be respectful towards others.
  • Check your facts. If you post something that can prove isn’t true it can be removed.
  • Protect your privacy. Your comments are visible to all. Recommend never include your phone number, e-mail address or other personal information in a post. If you want individual follow-up, send a message through the site to a page administrator.

You also agree that you will not:

  • Post material that infringes on intellectual property of another individual without his/her permission.
  • Post material that is unlawful, profane, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous or hateful
  • Post ads or solicitations of business.
  • Post the same information more than once (spam)
  • Post chain letters or pyramid schemes
  • Impersonate another person.
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