Public Notices NZ

Notice / Declaration of the Crown de jure and people – served to ALL NZ Councils

Judicial Notice, without prejudice, in Equity – served to all NZ Councils.

As the CEOs/councils together with the ‘government’ have been served with and have not objected to the People Full High court ordained by the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords and other such sanctioning bodies.

The Peoples Full High Court being the only competent High Court will be the Court of record where the proceedings will be enrolled for the CEOs/councils to be tried for their offences directly against Parliament of New Zealand statute law.  Proceedings will be run in accordance with Superior Common Law pursuant to Parliament of New Zealand statute law.

*Find a copy of Notice attached here:  Notice – Auck council.pdf

*Find a copy of CEO pics attached here: All NZ Council CEOs pics

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